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  (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the middle of rice paddies!)



In honor of a large-scale farmersf uprising led by a former village head, Tada Kasuke, our museum was founded on the very land that Kasuke had governed more than three hundred years ago.  The village was called Nakagaya at that time (Misato Nakagaya, Azumino city[3] at present), and was a part of the Matsumoto domain.  We perceive the uprising (called either the Joukyou uprising or the Kasuke uprising) as a struggle for the right to life, and think that the incident was a forerunner of a movement for human rights.  We present The Joukyou Gimin Story at our theater, and display items and records concerning the uprising.  


   Our address:  3209 Misato Meisei, Azumino city, Nagano prefecture, Japan

   Phone number:  0263-77-7550

   Fax number:    0263-77-7551

   Email address:  gimin@anc-tv.ne.jp   

[1] Joukyou era (1684-1688), during the Edo period

[2] martyr, in the non-religious sense ; a person who sacrifices his life for a cause

[3] in Nagano prefecture

‚vhat was joukyou uprising
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